Jason Seife: Constant Beauty

A symphony of hypnotic colours, serpentine shapes and myriad contours is what comprises Jason Seife’s artistic recipe. His paintings, each infused with passion and dedication, are illustrious. Taking the greatest care and attention to create, Jason brings a constant beauty to his work, inspired by the magisterial aesthetics of an old world craft that has forever been the preserve of seasoned masters across the world.

Jason has, through his determination and talent, brought the intricacies and seductive brilliance of rug design to canvas, in an artistic interpretation that is so enthralling.

Jason Seife at work…

Where did it all begin for you and being an artist?

I fell in love with art at a very young age. At about 7 or 8 my elementary art teacher realized I had a passion for drawing and referred me to a school which had a program focused on art.

Your work is filled with Persian beauty, where do you find your inspiration?

I was born in the US to immigrant parents with quite the mix of both Middle Eastern and Hispanic roots but carpets specifically were something I grew up surrounded by as a kid, so I definitely think that was rooted in me, As I got older I was able to travel back through the middle east and visit amazing places like Iran, Turkey, Morocco etc. all have played a huge part in my work and source of inspiration.


“I Envy Your Apathy”

What are your methods of painting?

I’ve been expanding a bit on my mediums and trying new things but I usually use acrylic and oil on canvas. More recently I’ve been creating works on concrete and handmade paper.

There’s a distinct character to your paintings, a notable blend of the old world and the new. Please tell me, how do you approach each painting?

For me it was important to understand  the roots of this art form, how it started, how it was made, what rules are in place etc. once you understand where something came from and why it was made you can then use your own experience to take it to another level. During my travels I’ve studied at workshops, visited with weavers, carpets designers, tile painters etc. all of this has helped me to build the grounds of my work. But now my focus is breaking down some of those barriers and bringing this traditional art form into contemporary mediums and spaces.

You mix some beautifully evocative colours together in your work, how do you come up with these combinations?

The process is pretty sporadic, I try and use colours depending on my current mood/state of mind while working that specific day so that when I finish a painting (usually takes about a month or 2) I can then look back and see different emotions through out the painting.

Finally, what are your current projects?

I currently have a couple works in group show at Joshua Liner Gallery in NYC open through mid august. Ill have a few works at Contemporary Istanbul art fair in October which will be a preview of the works that will be shown at my début solo show this November at Montoro 12 Contemporary Art gallery in Brussels Belgium.

All Photos courtesy of Jason Seife.