Friendships to Last

It’s a subject I’ve waxed lyrical about before. In a previous post I focused on male affection and how, in today’s world that sees fit to pour needless scorn on man and masculinity itself, we must, as men, understand the power of affection, just as our ancestors did. It was some time ago I had this realisation that brotherhood is by far the most important thing for a man. Brotherhood is something eternal and for a man to forge an unbreakable bond with another man is one of the greatest things he can do.

Now, I am, admittedly, someone who looks into things far more than most, a man who can observe things in the abstract, but it feels there has been some kind of awakening among men in recent years, both young and old. At 25, I would say I’ve been awake to this for the past three years. It was a slow process, a gradual realisation that things aren’t right with the world. My solution, as a lover of history, was to look back into the past to find a solution, which is how I came to mould my steadfast opinion that brotherhood and affection are the keys to happiness and emotional security for men.

Regarding other men, there are now a wealth of ideas and philosophies to have formed. “Men Going Their Own Way” (MGTOW) is one example, it’s not hard to see why it has become the only alternative for some men. With no-fault divorce and the family courts heavily favouring the woman across the Western world, many men have felt the destructive outcomes of a wicked woman who manifests her energy in crippling him emotionally and financially. So, some men have decided to eliminate completely any relationships with women, albeit sex, embracing the concepts of MGTOW. However, although I agree implicitly with the principles of self-ownership and self-determination as a man, which MGTOW promulgates, I find it difficult to prescribe to this philosophy as a whole, as someone without children but someday wants them, as well as someone who sees the family, the tribe etc as all important. What I found is developing an alpha male, savvy mindset, making sure myself, and my future children will always be secure is what works.

Returning to my thoughts on brotherhood, these, I feel, fall within the framework of tribalism. Brotherhood, under the umbrella of tribalism, offers the individual happiness as well as happiness for the wider group. When I speak of brotherhood, I’m not referring to the globalist, hippie nonsense of a brotherhood of man, which has no basis in fact, only feelings, nor am I referring to the Christian concept of a brotherhood in faith, although this can be the only thing that renders happiness and contentment, for a nation or group of nations.

Look at the photo above, it’s of an Australian infantryman by the name of Leslie Bull Allen carrying an American soldier to safety during the Wau Salamaua Campaign in World War II, this encapsulates the sense of brotherhood I’m referring to. True brotherhood is about caring for each other, having a common bond that cements and lasts for a lifetime. Saying to another man with whom you share the same of love of football with – “You’re my bro” – simply doesn’t cut the mustard. It’s a mere crass materialist phrase that’s uttered by morons.

Crass materialism is what I see when I look at the “BRO” app. Initially, my thoughts were positive, seeing this as an app for men who simply wish to find male friends, quickly one could see it’s all about an agenda. In a Huffington Post article, the creator of the app Scott Kutler said: “Human sexuality is complex and nuanced — more so than our society’s vision of it comprehends,” Kutler told The Huffington Post. “In our culture, we have a tradition of identifying people through particular categories, straight, gay, or bi (and it is rare that we accept that men can be bisexual at all). BRO is an app that honours this complexity by giving men the opportunity to think about their sexuality without feeling the need to fall into any particular group or category.”

Once again, something which could have been constructed for a noble purpose has instead been shaped through a sexualised Freudian prism. Its intention is to appeal to the skewed mindset, leaving very little room for anything else. Now, as I’ve continually stressed, brotherhood is the most important thing, and in a world where many men have had their minds shaped by base instinct consumerism, that ultimately leaves them lost and lonely, playing video games until the small hours and masturbating over porn, we cannot afford to have the concept of brotherhood distorted any further.