Justin Garcia: Masculinity in the Modern World

Having been listening to Justin Garcia for nearly two years now, through his podcast – The Pressure Project – I was excited to finally talk with him face-to-face. Remaining, as it does, one of my favourite go-to podcasts for straight talking, bullshit free conversations on the shrinking balls of the Western world and, of course, the many comically coated pearls of wisdom that he and his co-host Pat impart, Justin is a rarity in today’s world. He has an exemplary understanding of tribalism, its ancient roots and how it’s needed more than ever in today’s upside-down world, moreover he is a man whose wise words on masculinity, how it’s being assaulted and most importantly how we, as ordinary men, can counteract the assault, resonates on so many levels.

We began our conversation talking about Justin’s initial exposure to masculinity and his eventual realisation of how true functional masculinity should be. “When I was growing up in the Bronx” he begins “a lot of times, as this is such an artificial environment and because the function of masculinity is no longer always a necessity, I and many men end up having different varieties of influences that monopolise the definition of what masculinity is, often times as was the case with my upbringing, it’s reduced to strength and violence, the guy who knows how to fight the best is the most masculine, end of. There was a time where you do the man’s role and that’s an assessment of your masculinity, and I realised early on that fighting all the time and really living the violence, living that sub-role of masculinity wasn’t giving me the fulfilment that I was looking for, now I would put it down to a maturation/evolutionary process of my behaviour, I realised that there was much more to it.”

Soon after truly getting to grips with his understanding of masculinity in its more wider form, Justin says “as I was realising there was more to masculinity and as that process was growing, I was also noticing that everyone around me was seemingly going in the opposite direction, everyone was trying to remove the virtue of the functional man, of what I call functional masculinity.” It was this that triggered his idea to create The Pressure Project “at a minimum for me” he says “that triggered this curiosity – why can’t they see that what they’re saying doesn’t work? So out of frustration decided to create some theroputic catharsis, which ended up being The Pressure Project.”

Speaking personally, during my own realisation that I needed to find out what being a real man meant, due to the loss of two crucial male role models at an early age, which hampered my transtion from a boy to a man, I time and again encountered many psuedo-intellectuals, whose messages were distorted by either being feminised or bogged down in nonesensical over thinking. In response Justin said “one of the things that really annoys me with a lot of people that speak on masculinity, is they make it much more complicated than it actually is, masculinity is function, it’s a function of the male role, and the people that are trying to add some how to their preceived grasp of the information, often times just muddy the waters and they have the exact opposite effect of what their mission was stated as at the beginning. If you genuinely want to empower men and get them in touch with their masculinity you simply have to speak like a man to men, it doesn’t need to get anymore complicated than that.”

He added further “those guys who want to tie in all these unessary poriferals, it’s just a lot of times an attempt to gain influence and a bit fame, but I like calling it for what it is, I say – listen the more people listen to my podcast the more influence I’m going to have through Google’s algorithm, the more exposures I get etc etc – I don’t make any bones about that, because I think everybody should be able to stand on the content of what they’re describing, and it’s always been my experience that leading people to information is usually much more a matter of pointing them to a direction, than it is standing between them and the goal, describing each step that they’re supposed to take. It’s essentially empowerment, it’s empowering the role of the man, but a lot of times in todays world, empowering men means holding our hand at every step of the way, and getting us to talk about our mother issues, or our homophobia, and all of these other things that have nothing to fucking do with it.”

The conversation drifted to what both he and I have spoken of many times before, the subject of the harmonious ballance between the masculine and the feminine in the home, and how if the balance is upset, as it has been in the last few decades, it can have deleterious effects. “That foundational dynamic between a mother and father in the home and how that creates men, and to add further how society has reflected this to a degree is crucial to understand where we are now, I think when we look at these things done on a larger scale (the distortion of masculinity and feminity) and impliment it we see the traditional influence start to wain on a societal level, not only in terms of the behaviour of men, but the way we do business with one another, the way legislation is passed, the way migration patterns are the way they are. There’s really no mystery as to why people with nothing come to the lands that have everything, it’s because everybody respects a provider, and their going to get away with what they can get away with. I know plenty of couples, wife and husband, boyfriend and girlfriend etc, where the wife pretty much has a remote control for the husband, the husband goes out and he busts his ass, and the wife gets to stay at home, and she’s basically able to get away with anything she wants, because that just happens to be the dynamic of the relationship. Now you look at what’s happening in terms of migration, what you have is this entity that’s presenting itself as a very female type of receiver, and very cucked men are feeling this obligation that they need to take care of these people, so what you need at a minimum is balance, now with an absence of that balance there are countless ways that the individual, the home and society will come undone down the road.”

We could all do with a bit of straight talking these days, and Justin is, bar none, one of the sanest voices you’ll hear. Offering practical solutions in a world that has simply given up on reality.